Donations & Fees

We are a 501.3(c) non- profit and work on a donation basis. We do require fees for our retreats, overnight stays, use of the flotation tank, Pandora Star sessions and the sauna.


For all of our retreats, we will state the cost of the retreat in the invitation for it. You can receive an invitation when you join our mailing list (see the bottom of this screen to join for free).Be sure to join our mailing list to receive the retreat information.

Flotation Tank, Sauna, Pandora Star

These three calming and relaxing services are often scheduled together. They are at times combined with the hot tub. It is $60.00 dollars for two hours.

Private Sessions

We have a recommended donation of 80.00 dollars for a online for a online or in person session. These generally last about a hour but can vary in the time length Our first getting to know you session is always free.

Group Sessions

Our weekly group sessions, held on Wednesdays, is a recommended $20 per group. This can also be done in trade for help at our center.

Online Sessions

We periodically do eight-week online Zoom™ sessions. The suggested donation is $120.

Mark & Jennifer Ludeman

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Hi! We are Mark & Jennifer Ludeman and we are passionate about helping you seek out your spiritual purpose and Healing Your Heart With Love.

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