Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues

Christmas 2017 wasn’t the best one I have had I must say!  I came down with what I thought was the flu on Friday, and by Saturday morning I was hurting all over.  Even my eyelashes hurt if that can be!  My nurse friend, Bev, told me to drink water, water, and more water; and I followed her instructions hoping to flush the toxins out of my system.  Feeling better, went to bed Sunday night; however, I couldn’t sleep.  Pains in the center of my back all night, couldn’t breathe without  that sharp pain every breath.  And when I awoke and saw blood in my urine, I high-tailed it to the clinic.

You see, at the age of 37, I found out I have had only one working kidney since birth.  And never having a kidney inflection, etc., I haven’t worried about it, just aware.  So this blood in the urine definitely got my attention.  And it got the clinic’s doctor worried, too.  The next day I had a MRI, and at 3:45 the same day, I saw a picture of a pretty “healthy” gallstone.  Of course, the doctor wanted to schedule surgery asap and take my gallbladder out.  That is when I shared with her my sister Jennifer’s story of years gone by.

When this scenario happened to her years’ ago, she told her doctor “no.” “I will take care of it myself.”  And after spending a weekend up in the hills with a very interesting lady, she came home with a handful of gallstones; and I am sure walking a little cocky!  She then presented  them to the same doctor that wanted to cut her open to get them!  According to the story, the doctor asked if he could have them to show to his students.  I believe, he probably, took them and “round-filed” them.  This was walking in unfamiliar territory for him and wouldn’t be good for business.

The American Medical Association would go under if it was WELL KNOWN that we can heal ourselves!  Fortunately, there are more of us every day that have these beliefs!

My sister and brother-in-law, Mark and Jennifer Ludeman, were unavailable, as they were at retreat somewhere in Costa Rica off the grid. So, I was on my own.  I came home, got on the internet, and my partner, Steven and I started reading.  By the end of the day, was pretty sure of where I was going with my natural cleanse

On Wednesday, I got another call from the doctor.  She wanted me to come in and have more blood drawn to double check results.  I went in the next day and did that, and also telling them I definitely would not be having surgery.  Well, the next day her assistant called and wanted to schedule a liver biopsy!.  My liver enzymes were “off the charts.”  The doctor thought I might have autoimmune hepatitis.  Well, that is pretty rare the Internet said.  I scheduled the test;  but having second thoughts.  I once again, called my sister and brother-in-law.  After our talk, I cancelled the biopsy

Along with their instructions and the guidance of the Vermont Folk Medicine by Dr. Jarvis, published 1957, I started doing castor oil heat packs.  I was going to go up to Portland as soon as they got back in the states and spend a few days with them.

Awaiting Jennifer and Mark’s return, I went to a naturopathic physician who prescribed not only sylmarin (found in milk thissle) three times a day, but also castor oil heat packs.  Of course, I was supposed to drink 64 ounces of water each day, and much to my chagrin, no VODKA drinks.

Side Note:
Now, I already knew this and hadn’t had any such drinks since before Christmas, but now it was official.  There are some in my circle of friends that didn’t think I could do this without anxiety, but it hasn’t bothered me at all.  It’s the change in the social behavior.  You see, I love to entertain!  Especially in the spring and summer (and fall and winter too).  I will just have to show off my gardening and cooking abilities without cocktails.  Oh, another life-style change.  And I thought menopause was a bitch! (End side note)

When Jennifer and Mark got back to the states, I spent three days on the farm with them.  Every morning and evening Mark performed “hands-on” healing sessions on me.   Now I don’t know what’s going on with his hands, but after the first 20 minutes, a calm came over me and I just knew that I was going to be okay.  (I had felt this in the beginning, but that was really denial.  But this was really was a different feeling.  Plus I wanted to believe in my heart and soul that it would help.) I am so fortunate to have such a loving and caring sister and brother-in-law in my life!


I followed the regime to a “T.”  I had an appointment with my regular doctor.  “Welcome to Medicare” visit.  I couldn’t wait.  I told her the WHOLE story (I love to see the doctors pain when I start talking “cosmic woo woo.”  They are so uncomfortable.  Her response was “It will be interesting to see what your bloodwork shows.”  They called me that Friday afternoon to tell my liver enzymes were NORMAL!


I have been doing really well these last three months.  I bought a juicer, already have a vitamix; and I have been following a pretty healthy diet.  All organic foods, taking my supplements, always have been an active person, and last but not LEAST, I have lost a total of 17+ pounds.  I started out at 137, am under 120 lbs.  I am 5’1” and am lucky that I gain “all over,” but still at least 15 pounds had to go.  I now have a whole new wardrobe, that being my OLD wardrobe I couldn’t fit into.  Every week I try on something else that I have missed wearing.

Yeah, Summer of 2018 … watch out.

Michele Hernage

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