Private Retreats

Individual retreats are available to you at our secluded forty-acre healing center.

You will enjoy your own room, vegetarian meals and private sessions. You will also experience the healing power of the hot tub, infrared sauna, and floatation tank.

Group Retreats

We also have group retreats at our center at different times throughout the year.

These are small intimate groups where we give individual time and get to know each other. They are held at our private retreat center outside of Portland, Oregon.

We also have guided retreats in several places like Mt. Shasta, California – a sacred site with many interesting places and people to meet.

We have traveled extensively overseas and particularly love Bali, Indonesia for its deep spirituality, lush landscape, and warmth of the people. We have many friends there-and are familiar with the temples, sacred waterfalls, markets, sacred sights, and healers.

Come and Experience Your Healing

Our Oregon Retreat and Healing Center

At our Buxton, Oregon center, Healing Ponds, (a glimpse of which you can see in the picture above) you will enjoy forty acres of pasture and a forest of large fir trees. You’ll love the crisp, cool, fresh spring water and experience nature at its finest. You’ll even get to see the farm animals (which will help bring you back to a sense of balance and calm). You may even get to milk a goat!

Healing Ponds is off the beaten path so you won’t hear noisy vehicles or deal with air pollution. Instead, you’ll get to breathe the fresh, clean air and take leisurely strolls where you can visit one of our Geodesic greenhouses where we grow fresh, organic vegetables.

And those farm animals? You’ll even get to enjoy real goats milk and let your taste buds enjoy eating one of our farm fresh chicken eggs.

While you are with us, you’ll experience the complete pleasure of our Floatation Tank and also have access to the hot tub and infrared sauna. For deeper healing, you can experience the Pandora Star – a light entrainment machine for deeper states of consciousness.

At both private and group retreats. we provide:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Energy Transmissions
  • Emotional and Physical Healing Work
  • Dream Work and Discussion
  • Pandora Star Sessions
  • Flotation Tank
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Hot Tub

We Heal Your Heart With Love and offer a retreat setting where we are able to go more in-depth and conduct deeper healing and spiritual growth work. And don’t be surprised because either Mark or Jennifer will be with you but it is not uncommon for them to work together. You may schedule with one of them and the other one pops in to help. We very much want to help you return to, or find for the first time, your healing and restoration.

Call us today at (503) 590-4569.

Blessings and Love,

Mark and Jennifer

Mark & Jennifer Ludeman

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Hi! We are Mark & Jennifer Ludeman and we are passionate about helping you seek out your spiritual purpose and Healing Your Heart With Love.

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