Two Fears Now Vanquished!

By: Eleanor E.

Hi Mark and Jennifer!

I want to thank you so much for the healing! It was immediately put on test (… because I had to fly back to the UK and experience not only the long flight but also the land …)

When we landed on Heathrow (a very bumpy landing! “He burnt some rubber” the flight attendants said and laughed when we got out of the plane) I felt calm and I actually laughed at how calm I felt as the air plane landed on shrieking wheels. Amazing!  

Another amazing thing that’s happened is a subject I touched during the healing session concerning my mother. As I told you, during the karma pie session on Friday , I realized that I was deeply afraid of loosing my son and that it was connected to the death of my mother. Well, today I looked at that fear again and an avalanche of grief, guilt and sadness broke through the barriers and found its way out. That’s a big, big clearing and healing. 

So, thank you so so much for the double healing! 

Love and gratitude🙏 


ps. How do I go about paypaling you? 😊

Eleanor E.

May 04, 2018


We started talking about that I wasn’t to thrilled about flying, that I felt nauseous and dizzy  when the air plane landed, and my fear of not being in control. During the session I also talked about how I used to be drawn to and almost wanting to jump of bridges (…not anymore  

And the mother issue is big and very important to me. I’m very curious how it will develop.

You can absolutely use my experience as a testimonial!

Love and blessing to you!

Eleanor 💞💞


Eleanor E.

May 06, 2018


Thank so much for writing. 

I am so glad to hear you are healing.  That is what all wanted is you to heal and be able to progress. I understand it was a risk for  you to try it. It is a risk for me too. What i find is my gift keeps on developing and increasing. Yet i never know what is going to happen. For me it is like walking out on a tightrope  hoping  I stay on and that the rope does not break. I have to trust what happens with no map in front of me.  Nice of the  airline to cooperate and give you a real test to show you that you had truly been Healed. 

And then the process with your mother. That is part of the same thread and even more wonderful. This will  help you  feel more alive, Joyful  etc. And your outward life go better.

I am happy to keep on supporting you if that is helpful. I am easy to message on facebook and this email is also fine.  My paypal address is healing ponds.  

Enjoy spring. Say hello to Sweden for me.  

Oh and i have a request. I would like to use what you emailed my as a testimonial  on facebook and web page. I would only use your first name. is that ok

Remind me what we started out talking about. Was your stomach upset  and or you were feeling dizzy. 

Lots of love and blessings to you. 

Mark and Jennifer Ludeman


May 05, 2018


Hi Mark and Jennifer!

I hope the retreat went fine and that you’re already planning the next one.

I want to thank you again for the healing you gave me! The latest news on that front is that I’m acting as a calm adult for my inner child for the first time EVER. It’s really amazing! 

So, of course i want to make a donation, but I’m having trouble finding the link to Paypal. 

Much love and blessings 🙏💞🐝#x1f41d;

Eleanor E.

May 26, 2018

Mark & Jennifer Ludeman

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