Mark is a gifted listener, which is the foundation of healing. He asks good questions and waits. His “heart-forward” orientation allows him to reach into your wounded space more gently. But he is not afraid to ask if he can be direct with you! And if you consent, he will go there with you, gently, but surely, asking the hard questions. Ultimately we heal ourselves, but with the right witness, with the proper support and guidance, to carry the torch through that sometimes dark tunnel, we will rise to our own inner challenges. Mark is that wise and reliable Guide. Full of love and acceptance, humility and presence. I am grateful for his timely support to aid in my healing journey!


June 02, 2018

Hello Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the day we spent together and for the healing.

Here is my experience:

Spending time with Jennifer and Mark is a special experience.

The energy that flows through Mark gave me pressure in my teeth, knees, tingling in my tongue. I could feel the energy circulate and cleanse. Emotions come to the surface, creating a bond of compassion.

It is like bathing from within   Internal shower. Jennifer’s soothing presence was for me essential part of the healing process. Feels like things that are no longer needed were moved out of the way in the flow.

We spent the day with her after the class she is from Poland and lives in England. She also mentioned on whats app this morning that she feels so strange after returning home; that wherever she goes she feels at home.


April 30, 2018

Meeting Mark and Jennifer in person was an experience that I will carry with me forever. I spent 2 days with them going around Paris, and I could see and feel how their healing energy not only had an impact on me but touches everyone around them.

Paris is an incredibly busy city and people are known to not make small talk, but Mark and Jennifer manage to enchant people in every metro ride we took. Even if the metro trip was very short, in about a minute I noticed 3, 4, 5 people just engaging with them, talking to them about their lives as if they knew them for ages. Mark would hold people’s hand, and I could see how their faces would light up immediately, they would open a big smile and then they would start talking to Mark and Jennifer even the ones who did not speak English at all. They managed to have a conversation!

I felt such an incredible sense of harmony during the entire time. I confess that I did know what to expect, but I had an experience that it’s even hard to explain. Mark would hold my hand and pass his energy to me as well as make a joke after the other. It was a lot of fun too! Jennifer is such a peaceful human being that it’s almost unbelievable.

I cannot find words to explain how kind and caring these people actually are. I haven’t met people like this before.

Flavia Luz

February 14, 2018


I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me over and over again with such love and compassion.  For speaking to me and walking me through my pain and traumas with great love and wisdom.  For helping me to understand my pain, my bad dreams, my triggers.  Thank you for helping me to understand the healing process and get through all of these layers I needed to get through in order to grow.

Because of you I am now better able to cope with triggers, accept and release pain, work through what I once called nightmares and heal and grow.

I am forever going to be grateful that both you and Jennifer have come into my life with such love, compassion and dedication for those of us who are lost and hurting.

I get emotional when I think of where I was just a few months ago and where I am now… growing and healing, releasing pain and traumas each day more and more.

I love you both so much…Thank you!

Ruth Vidal

June 04, 2018

Here is the follow-up email we received from Ruth a few weeks after she visited us:


Hello Jennifer!

Love you!  Can you believe it has been 3 weeks since you healed me and no signs of my neck pain!

I had been going to the chiropractor up to 3 times a week because my neck pain was so severe and debilitating.  It would help for a couple or a few days and the pain would come back always and sometimes harder.  I tried CBD oil, hemp cream, a Tens unit all day, heating pad, Advil and only had minor temporary relief.

Jennifer I cannot believe how this healing happened!  Over the phone, you, breathing and meditation.  Almost immediately it was gone.  I had even tried my own meditation.. affirmations, talking to my body, envisioning a new neck, the pain floating out of my body, etc. and nothing.

Thank you Jennifer.  I love you and am so appreciative.  I do not stop talking about this healing.  The people at my office are amazed.

You are wonderful.  Blessed with a beautiful heart and amazing healing powers.

Thank you so much.  Love you!! 

Ruth Vidal

July 07, 2018

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